Monday, 11 April 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Sandstorm, thunder, lightning and heavy rain showered Dubai last night, not sure about the other Emirates but yeah it was crazy! I've taken some videos of the rain whilst I'm on my way home and uploaded them on my youtube channnel. I hope there will be no more rain next week tho as we want to enjoy the sun in the beach, please!!!!

I was in Sharjah Industrial Area to get all my car tyres changed and I just finished with the alignment and balancing when suddenly the wind started to blow a sand full of air and garbages lol!

So here are the pics I've taken last night when my car got massacred...again ;-)
taking off his tyres...

balancing & alignment

Nice junk! I asked them if I can drive it and they said sure when it's fixed :s

Please be careful with HIM :p
Zero visibility on Emirates Rd

And oh btw here's a picture of my paratha with double egg omelete for yesterday's breakie.. my hubby wants to see what's a paratha like so I took a picture of it lol! I'm going to buy one for him very soon! Acha tike bolo?!

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