Monday, 20 June 2011

How to deal with a woman flirting with your husband?

WOW! At long last, after more than one month, the blogless brain of mine had finally flicked it's switch on! Ok, I admit I was just too lazy to write and post something here, I was most likely busy doing that infamous hobby they call - procrastination.

Right, I'll tell you guys a little something about what happened  in the past month before we go on to this topic which is about what is written in the title of my blog today. Hmmmm actually, nothing really interesting happened except that I got this new job where I've been interviewed for 4 times before they finally decided to hire me! Anyway, I really want to start blogging and really itching to talk about this hot new topic so let's start shall we? Warning: There will be countless F words below so please forgive me now if you find this in any way inappropriate or offensive to you :)

Friendly friends at Ate Cherry's farewell dinner, of course the B is not here LOL!

Last weekend, one of my closest friend Cherry, had her farewell do as she is leaving Dubai for Djibouti. We had a dinner at a Thai restaurant first and then we head up to a club in the nearby hotel later on. To cut the story short, I brought my hubby along with me that night aside from him being friends with Cherry too, I didn't want to go out on a weekend night alone and him staying at home sleeping or playing with his PS3. Anyway, we arrived at the restaurant, said hi to everyone and after we sat down in our chairs, there's this lady, who is a Filipina too, who asked for our names (well I apologize for not introducing ourselves to you!) and I just thought it's kinda funny LOL! When we said Joe & Lucky, she said 'Oh that's really easy to remember' like duh? (Hey if you read this, you should be thankful coz someone had wasted their precious time blogging about you! Can you sense the fury coming out of my nose? LOL)

And then, everyone had a few drinks except for my husband who started drinking earlier at the hotel bar coz we arrived way too early that night so he's probably a little tipsy already. So this lady, started to act really drunk, she was the loudest girl in the room, constanly utters the F word, tried to start an argument with one of the guys (who she apparently tried to flirt with by the way but no luck hahaha) and I've overheard her calling this guy a Jew, and of course I've seen her constantly trying to get my husband's attention, I mean seriously? And you know for me first impressions last and my powerful impulse says uh oh I smell T.R.O.U.B.L.E!

So as we left the restaurant to head down to the club, she walked right with me and my husband. She was trying to talk to him, well I just ignored it but then she came to me and said "Babe, don't worry I'm not trying to steal your husband!" OMFG, and who said that you are trying to steal my husband anyway? Then she went back to my husband and said "We Filipinas are like this, we are just being friendly" I just said to myself, Oh please, go f*ck yourself and shut up! You are actually degrading yourself and yes Filipinas for that matter, with your antics you f*cking slut! 

When we got to the club, we went straight to the dance floor as everyone is already heated up to dance. As I was chatting to my friends I saw her once again stood right next to my husband where he's smoking, I continued ignoring the situation, and just watched silently. She suddenly came up to me AGAIN and said, "Please don't get mad, I only asked for a ciggarette I've no intentions of stealing your boyfriend I'm not like that" I just raised my eyebrows...and said "I didn't say anything!"... LOL! She is blatantly flirting with my husband and even felt to the point that she flaunted in my face and she still have the guts to tell me that she have no intentions of stealing someone else's boyfriend? For f*cks sake she is really starting to get into my nerves! Thank God I was brought up to be calm and patient and I never want to get myself into a brawl just because of one f*cking drunken idiotic woman or anything like that otherwise it could've gotten deadly. Then she started dancing wildly. Dancing with random girls in the dance floor like a stripper. And I started to look at my husband whether he is watching her and yes he is actually watching her dance grrrrr. I asked my husband to stop looking at her but of course he looked at me back in shock! I know and I get it, for he is a man and normally men will look at another woman no matter what, especially when she is exposing herself stripping in front of him seeking for attention. And I also know that men, they don't know there's something wrong going on not until they actually realized they did something wrong lol if that even makes sense! So we just decided to move close to where the bar is so we could get drinks easily leaving this whore in the dance floor with others.

And then my friend Tracy came (yes, that's her with me up there sporting her blue tongue! :p ), I told her about what this woman is trying to do all night and she wasn't surprised about it lol! Then this woman came from the dance floor this time with a random guy with her, she saw Tracy and Tracy saw and approached her to say Hi then this woman suddenly started yelling at Tracy calling her a bitch! So yeah an argument heated up and people tried to stop both. Then when finally all is settled down, she started dancing once again like a f*cking disgusting stripper as if nothing happened! My hubby decided to sit down and he left me with Tracy but then I just heard my hubby calling me pointing at this bitch dancing rubbing her butt right in my husband's face! According to him that woman was no where near where he sat down and when she saw him sitting down she started dancing towards him and that's when my hubby called me trying to get my attention to what she is trying to do. I don't know why at that point I still didn't do anything about it , to go to her and tell her to fuck off. But I didn't, in a twisted way I wanted this flirting to go on and see how it ends up. I want to see how my husband deals with it, how he would react and how he would comfort me about it.

So I went to my husband and sat down next to him so she would probably stop messing around. My husband said she is really persistent. She actually asked my husband (maybe this happened when she asked for a fag) if he is really married already. I asked my husband what did he replied and he said he just showed his wedding ring to her. And I wished if it actually made her see some sense aside from the fact that I was there and for starters she's seen me with the man she is trying to flirt with! I started to feel uneasy, me and my husband are getting into an argument about this silly hoe and my husband just tells me "She is nothing but a stupid drunk Filipina, she is actually like what we call in the UK, a BIMBO" He constantly tells me he's got his eyes only for me (whatever lol) and that even if there were a thousand of strippers in front of him he wouldn't even dare to look at them haha my husband is so funny when he's drunk :p except calling me paranoid! He also said it's not his fault that some women are drawn to him, which is true so I'd just probably blame it to his face then LOL! That they find him attractive and most of the time try to flirt with him, and if he wants to cheat on me he would go out all the time and will remove his wedding ring, it's just that easy! He said the important thing is he is married to me and I'm the woman he loves, the mother of his kids! :p And I love you too babe, I told you if I could just tie you up in my waist so no one can ever take you away from me, I WOULD! haha

Ok this isn't about our marriage, this is about this woman who is hitting on a married man. She probably have nothing better to do than to flirt with married men. She obviously has no respect for herself or others for that matter as she does it even when the wife is there. It's quite sad, really. That night, I can't even remember  how many guys in the club she kissed but sadly one unlucky guy got trapped into her bait and ended up with her that night. Some people say she is really like that when she's drunk, if she's even really drunk that is. I didn't see her drink anything that night aside from white wine but they said she gets drunk easily and couldn't remember anything that happened the next day she's sober. Come on, that's not an excuse! We are all adults, you have to be responsible for all your actions regardless of you being drunk. If you know you can't control yourself when you're drunk then why drink in the first place?  I don't care if you want to flirt and all but not with married men! Have at least a bit of decency in you. You call yourself an AB Mass Communications graduate and a successful career woman but what do you do when you're dominated by your temporary state where you are physically and abso-fuckin-lutely mentally impared because of excess alcohol intake, DRUNK?!? You asked me if I have GWAPO (handsome) guy friends because everyone is PANGIT (ugly) in the club, you know what even if I did have some handsome guy friends, I will personally see to it that everyone knows what kind of a "flirt" among other things, you are at work!!!!! 

And no, I didn't write this blog about you because I was scared of my life that my husband would have cheated on me for someone like you. You have no, not even one bit of a single chance with my husband. I know he is a good catch and he is ALL MINE where it counts :p And you should have heard him call you insulting and disgusting names which I never heard of before, and I somehow feel ashamed for because I am, his wife, is also a Filipina! I wrote this to raise awareness to wives like me, girlfriends out there and the likes, that someone like you, a possible marriage/relationship termite, really do exist in this life and not only in movie flicks which I thought is before I met you (am I really that naive? LOL!) You are attractive alright, but you proved that you are only good for a one night stand! I just pray that one day someone will even take you seriously because you have been the clown to everyone that night. And I hope you realize what a massive ball of shame you are very soon coz you're not getting any younger my love, if you want a handsome and serious guy to come along your way, a man who will actually want to get to know you inside and not just want to get inside of you LOL well, you better start picking up yourself together superstar, behave yourself and stop acting like a dick! You need a one tight slap in the face... but I am a good person :p that's why I didn't do that but the next time I ever see your floozy self ever again and go to any length to get my husband’s attention, I will seriously blow your fucking head off! And not only that, you will see your name and your cunt face plastered all over my blog, twitter, facebook, I mean everywhere! So ya'll better keep an eye out on this space haha! You are messing with the wrong person, woman! No more Mrs. Nice Wife! Just saying... :p

So ladies, how do you deal with a woman flirting with your husband or boyfriend? Or am I just over-reacting???


Bitch, if you do not know what floozy means, go HERE LOL!