Thursday, 10 March 2011

USHER OMG World Tour Live in Dubai

Finally, the day has come. Usher's concert tonight at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. Last night, I went to pick up my friend Tracy Ley and I's concert tickets from the Timeout ticketing office in the Dubai Media City, and whilst driving on my way along the road I so much hate because the speed max limit was 90kms/hr (why didn't just make it 100?!?!) there goes a Porsche sportsboxter and a Ford GT drove pass by me with about 140kms/hr speed and I was right in between them and for a second I felt like I was in a car race track! Funny, my car wiggled and as if it will be blown away by those speeding freaks... but I also thought to myself, when will I have the opportunity to drive a really fast car! I don't know if I can but I would really love to, why not! 

Ok enough about speeding cars and fantasies! So after picking up our tickets I decided to  head straight to a ladies salon called David's Salon in Karama where I just recently won a Dhs250 worth of hair treatment courtesy of EXPATWOMAN in Dubai. So I had my hair  trimmed,  did some shampooing and was given an intensive hair treatment (as what they call it) and later on I was asked to pay Dhs80 in addition which is a bit surprising hehe.You know I hardly ever go to any salon for a hair cut or have those beauty treatments that us women usually do so I'm really out of date about the cost of those what I have just mentioned. LOL! I'll be honest, I will never pay Dhs330 for a hair cut, shampooing, treatment and some blow drying. If you wanna call me stingy well I am the master of the master stingy! I don't comb my hair, because my hair falls incredibly specially after taking a shower I see a bunch of hair on the shower drain even though I only shampoo my hair every other day. I bought hair coloring products in the supermarket and asked my aunt to dye my hair fully plus some blond strips, and it wasn't bad at all . I love it and I would definitely go for it again! And seeing the picture I've taken above last night in the salon, I'd rather bite my nails than to get some manis haha just kidding. You see I'm not saying I'm against those women spending a fortune with hair and body treatments. Pampering ourselves every once in a while won't hurt , but it will if you can't afford it! I'm very much satisfied with how I am looking after myself (if you can call it like that hehe...) without spending any money. I guess somehow the saying Ilocanos are very stingy is true but to be exact we are only thrifty ;)

Except of course buying Usher tickets,  I'm not a big fan but I love the experience to watch these  very popular music artists perform live. And also of course I will get to hang out with my friend who I haven't spoken to or seen in only god knows how long, Tracy.

So let's just hope tonight would be good! I still haven't got a digital camera to bring tho, Tracy said DSLRs are not allowed but I still brought mine just in case ;-) I'll post some pics here if I get lucky to bring my camera! Ciao!


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