Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cottage Pie

Yeeppie! Another frustrated cooking attempt by yours truly :D Personally, this should be rated  5 out of 10 where 10 being perfect lol! Firstly, due to the lack of ingredients. My mashed potato did not have any milk therefore it wasn't fluffy but thankfully not too dry and not so sloppy either. I started cooking late and I couldn't be bothered to run to Spinney's and buy some milk but it didn't make so much difference anyway ha! Also, I forgot to sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese after spreading the mashed pots over the beef. And again the inconsistency, I think I've boiled too much potatoes and cooked too little minced beef.

So I'm warning you, this isn't your traditional english cottage pie like that one on top haha!

After crumbling in some ground beef on to the skillet with onions. Cooked until brown.

Diced potatoes boiled until soft :)

Added some carrots and green peas

My ultimate cooking parter :D

Added the recipe mix in to the meat filling

Mashed pots with one of the very generous slab of butter lol (I added about 10 of those)

After spreading the mashed pots over the beef filling

inside the oven

I k now, I know, it looks odd HAHA

but hey don't judge the book by it's cover lol whatever

In fairness, it tastes really good according to my hubby, my mum, my sons and my officemate (coz I brought some for lunch today) they better be not telling me it taste good just so I will feel motiviated to cook dinner again and again coz it ain't fair lol! But anyway, I loved it and really it isn't so bad after all! Yummers!


  1. Well done Luck! But, just a thought.. kala ko cottage pie is done with minced lamb while minced beef is shepherd's pie? Coz I normally do shepherd's pie and Dan reallllyy lurv it. Bigay ko sa you recipe if u want..LOL! Enjoy cooking! xx

  2. @abegail

    Hello Abs, cottage and shepherd's pie can be both minced beef but actually shepherd's pie should be either mutton or lamb as what Joe once said being that SHEPHERD's are concerned with sheeps and not cattle, that's why they call it shepherd's pie lol! But yeah, please if you can spare me some of your cooking recipes and techniques it would be greatly appreciated haha! I was just wondering how do you make the sauce of the meat filling other than using the ready recipe mix? Some say they normally use beef broth!?! XXX


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