Monday, 4 April 2011

I'm a Mistress

Ok it is definitely not what you think it is. It's about my husband and yes I think he's having an affair...with his bikes! Or rather I say I'm the mistress and his bike is the great missus. The reason being is that he's been spending great amount of time with these bikes more than with me now, I know it's ridiculous of me getting jealous or competing over a bike but just read on and you'll see why!

He now owns two, one an Aprilia RS125 and the other is a Honda NSR250. I was sort of happy when both broke down and went for repairs so he wasn't able to ride them for almost 2 months but last week Honda came home! But even when his bikes were in the garage, he was still spending so much time in front of his laptop reading and writing on bike forums online. I even told him he should start blogging about his bikes lol! 

So today, I've decided to have a sneak peak (via google) on these forums he's been busy with the whole time and guess what I think he really should start a blog as he had posted way too much on these forums and found some of them in here which I think he posted when he just got Aprilia oh I mean Akila

After an extended labour period my baby is due to arrive tomorrow...

The showroom are dropping her off in the morning! I haven't passed my test yet, it was supposed to be this coming Thursday but the Arabic new year has put a stop to that so the showroom kindly offered to give me the bike registered in their name so I could start fitting all my new parts.

My test is now on 24th December so I'll be legal a few days after that.

Will get pictures up tomorrow evening, btw it's a 2009 Spains FP.


Akila is her name. An Arabic girls name meaning 'inteligent or bright' not really appropriate to a bike but oh well.

See calling her baby? I can't believe he named his bike Akila and worse is the fact that the bike is a she! How could he?!?! And they're like women in that forum btw, they're talking about bike names, changing nappies and being a good daddy when talking about bikes, lol! And I found this too:

Bored at home right now waiting for the England V USA game so thought I would get some pictures up of my Aprilia RS125.

I've spent a fair bit on upgrades because although the frame, motor & brakes are spot on the suspension was shocking, excuse the pun and I bought some trick bits too (told my wife I bought them all secondhand lol).

Liarrrrr! Grrr...  :'( And this one about Honda:

After several years of searching for an NSR250 I finally found one, in my town funnily enough.

On Saturday I'll be handing over the cash and will be the proud owner of a 1996 Honda NSR250SE. It needs a little bit of work doing (been in storage for 2 years), there are a couple of cracks in the plastics and a tiny dent in the tank, the forks need a little bit of attention as they have some minor greyish corrosion? but it will only take a few weeks of TLC to get it looking great.

The best part is the price. 12,000 UAE dirhams (around 2000GBP). It comes with a full stainless Arrow system, Ohlins rear shock & steering damper, HRC jetting kit & carbon front fender. 

A few weeks of TLC eh? I'm so doomed! He even kiddingly said that he'll be sleeping beside Honda when she arrives. I just said that's fine, but he meant taking the bike in our bed and she will be in between us! FML.

But thank you tho for bringing me lunch yesterday, I love you and I got to do something to take your attention away from those bikes *evil laugh* They said keep your friends close, and your enemies closer (if that even makes sense!) I'll be riding it soon so she better watch out or maybe the other way around coz she might drop me off  in the middle of the road LOL!! Oh no I think I'm going nuts! I hope Joe won't read this blog and found out I've done some mission impossible and went spying on him on his forums and worse, writing a blog about him and his bikes....  >,<


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