Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Love at first Graffiti

You'll find this post a little cheesy because I'm going to show you what my hubby and I's been busy with a few days before and after we've met 4 years ago, drawing graffitis on our facebook wall. From a random morning greeting to a red heart where both our initials were written in it...how's that for a love at first graffiti?

He sent me an FB message as well saying
"Manana bebe!

How was your evening? I'm up early again...hate this early morning shit.

btw, thats spanish if you didn't know ;)" CHEESY!
I somehow impressed him with my not so artsy graffiti (I spent 10 minutes doing this!), it's Joe about to jump off the rig because he wants to go back to dry land after being stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for almost a month. His comment was:
"Lol...i had a look and i love it! Its almost like you took a photo...I have had no internets all morning, been close to suicide but its back now so I'm happy again.." 

He even said "I'm gonna do the same old shit tonight.. go to the gym for 1/2 hour then surf the net until I'm so tired my head hits the keyboard....hey, do you think you could call the cops and tell them I've been kidnapped by a gang of Malaysian transexuals and that they've taken me to a horrible place? Tell them to send a helicopter...and bring some beer"

Also "Oh no babe....they are gonna move the rig in a little, could mean no internets for a few days. If you don't hear from me it means the internet isn't back or....i've jumped overboard and been eaten by a shark or more likely a school of tuna"
he made this graffiti and sent to me as soon as he landed Dubai...
and I sent this to him and was so excited to meet him in person LOL
Joe messaged me on facebook when he was still in Malaysia saying "Man, I'm jealous of you & hayley...I'm gonna hit the town big time when I get back, wild horses won't stop me :)" and maybe that's why he made this
when we we're still on Myspace chat and  Joe was in Malaysia, he asked me what do I want for a present when he gets back to Dubai and I said I wanted a step ladder so I can reach his height and punch him in the face! That's why I made this graffiti :D
There used to be a facebook app where you can create a pet and let them fight against your friend's pet. Bugger I forgot what it's called :( So the above graffiti, my pet Loka Loka has died and was killed by Joe's pet named Mofo... hmpf! So I wrote this:
Dear Mofo,

I have to go home now and have a rest...well dont worry about the duel itll happen one day soon...maybe facebook still workin on it.

So yeah, just enjoy listening to your Rocky music and and be prepared...lmao!



chat to u again tomorrow...gudnyt!

And he replied:

Dear LokaLoka

Its only a matter of time before my wonderful drawing comes true..I await the day with great happiness

You might be better off bringing along your family, that way you can have the funeral on the same day...(evil laugh, wait for it).....HAHAHAHAHAH!

Have fun my precious..

All my love Mofo

See you tomorrow
Yes, he was a shy guy when I first met him! He couldn't say a word when he saw me, except of course "You look beautiful tonight" Cheesy again! :p But really, I think he was tall and handsome...back then! haha
and I guess that this was the sign that we became officially an item...he even asked me if he can change his status to in a relationship with me LOL!

Aaaaah happy and cheesy times.....