Thursday, 17 March 2011

Saving up or just plain curiousity

Ok so one day my husband just suddenly decided to collect all the coins with him and in side our house  and took them into a big empty bottle of water. This came to me as a surprise because since the day we decided to move in together, I always find coins anywhere in our house as according to him he doesn't really like them because they're too heavy to keep them in his pocket.

Sometimes I find these coins in our drawer, above our tv cabinet, in his travel laptop bag, luggage bag and even in the toilet! But I often find them in his jeans pocket after leaving it in the laundry basket. But I guess he finally realized that instead of leaving them anywhere in the house, might just keep them inside a water bottle coin bank. He said he wants to know how much coins can fill up the water bottle  and unlike other people who does the same, he keeps track on how much coins he drops into the bottle, he counts them first, writes them down on that small piece of paper on the bottle and then adds them up to the previous count.Genius!

And hey, a few days ago I saw it featured in 7days newspaper as well!

On the other hand, I'm getting a lot of coins from selling refreshments in our warehouse and when my hubby found out about this he asked me to give them all to him in exchange of notes (Sorry about the messy office desk drawer). 


So now I wonder if he really wants to save up or he just simply wants to find out how much coins can fill up the water bottle or maybe both? Well I wish you goodluck babe, I hope you can also drop some dirham notes occasionally and not just coins alone ;)


  1. Now I'm curious! I want to know how long it will take him to fill the bottle up and how much it will amount to! Please make an update once the bottle is full. =)

  2. @Karla

    Haha probably more than 10 years! Will keep you guys updated fo'sho'! ;)


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