Sunday, 3 April 2011

Chicken Chasseur

I don't really love cooking because cooking doesn't love me back LOL! Seriously, I can't cook for my life. I need to get a better job if I were to live all by myself because I would just go to any nearest fast food chain or order take aways just to eat everyday until I go skint. And I don't think anyone can survive with instant noodles, eggs and hotdogs alone! Most of the time my husband cooks and prepares every meal at home otherwise we'll get take aways. In the morning specially weekdays, we rarely eat breakfast except my son Calix who I make sure eats his chocopuffs before going to school. My husband sometimes eats weetabix if and only when he woke up earlier than usual. I only have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning which I drink while I drive Calix to school and then to my workplace.

But now I've realized that it's my job as a wifey and a mother to cook food for my family, perhaps 3-4 times/week is ok haha I'm lazy like that! And due to my inconsistency, the recipes and cooking instructions are very essential even if I've cooked the same meal twice or thrice already otherwise even a dog won't eat the food or I can't cook at all. There was once when I was only briefed by my hubby how to bake beef lasgna but he forgot to tell me how to prepare the sauce and so I mixed the red and white sauce instead of cooking the minced beef with the red sauce :D Ok enough of that now...

So here it is, one of my frustrated cooking attempt:

I fried the chicken portions first even if the How To Cook instructions didn't say so :) as I wanted them to be well cooked

I've also added some salt and pepper

Here, I've added the onions and mushrooms...

Finally the recipe mix...

180 degrees F

I love Colman's! I get about 5 different recipe mixes when we go food shopping....

I've only cooked them for 40 mins and not 1 1/2 hr because I've already fried the chicken portions earlier

for hubby

and for me

Actually I'm well chuffed with the outcome and my hubby even brought some for work lunch the next day ;) Yummers!

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