Friday, 3 August 2012

Virgo-gos Road Trip

Awesome weekend getaway with two of my best girlies, Therese and Tracy! And here the best highlights of the first of many road trips to come:
1.       Hotel Hopping: Switching hotels all around Abu Dhabi in attempt to find restaurants/bars serving alcohols which didn't came too easy considering it's the Holy month of Ramadan
2.       Speed Craze: Drove the Ford Mustang GT hitting 210km/hr speed on our way to Liwa.
3.       Cheeky Weather: Experienced sandstorm then rain showers in a scorching 117 degrees summer heat within 10 minutes ;)
4.       Sands of Liwa: We got stuck in the sand attempting to find a great spot for taking pictures. Two men with a pickup truck came but failed to help us out. Luckily a tanker truck carrying sweet water finally pulled the Mustang out. Fact: people from the Western Region are very generous and really helpful without expecting anything in return. But then of course we insisted to give them some money for the trouble we've caused them; not to mention eating probably a handful of sand grains during the attempt but hey so did we plus stiff, brittle and dry hair!
@Aloft Hotel - our dwelling for one night

@Le Meridien Hotel

@Capital Gate Hyatt
Roaming around Abu Dhabi

@Emirates Palace Hotel

@Hakassan- Emirates Palace Hotel

candid shot taken by Tracy

photo taken by: Tracy :)

photo taken by: Tracy :)
somewhere in the middle of Liwa Desert

 Therese made this beautiful, movie-like masterpiece video (naks!) so as to keep the good times rollin'! Cape girls, c'est la vie!!!

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