Friday, 1 July 2011

Our Lovestory

After getting myself into so much trouble trying to get hold of this love letter/story, now here it is...the sweet side of  the love of my life, Joseph King. Written back in 2008, this was our entry for a Valentine's Day treat courtesy of 7Days newspaper called Dubai's Hottest Couple of 2008 where the lucky pair will win an exciting hot air balloon ride but unfortunately we didn't win.

Well, this is a very rare chance to relive these memories so I've posted some pictures in between and I had to go through all our pictures taken all the way back in 2007. But before anything else, I would just like to say I'm sorry first to Joe and I found (well the truth is I've desperately looked for it) this wall post you sent me on facebook on 08 January 2009 at 23:10pm and I guess this time I'll have to send it back to you...
There's one sad truth in life I've found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best

I'm sorry mahal ko ♥

And you can change your email password again by the way :p

So without further ado, here's how our crazy lovestory started:

Joe on a land rig before I met him :D Posing for "What's that over there?"
This is my Australian friend, Hayley! I miss you X
And this is Lewis, he will always be a special friend  to me ;)
;) see more of our graffitis in my previous blog!

Our very first photo
He said he never liked taking pictures...
yeah right! ;)

The Engagement Ring
Our Engagement Party
On a rig in the middle of the sea
Inside his room and he made this out of boredom...

In our first nest and first Christmas together in Mankhool
On the plane to our  first vacation together in the Philippines

Holding a  Balut (boiled duck egg, apparently the #1 Most Terrifying Food in the World) and yes he refused to eat it, lighweight!  - Baguio, City

At the Manor House, for our wedding preparation

New Year's Eve 2007 trying to eat one of our guinea pig

Just arrived in Coco Loco Island in Palawan

Messing about before we go to sleep

After touring the whole island within just 30 minutes he wanted to write the word HELP in the sand

And I wanted to have a picture with the word HELP he wrote in the sand LOL

Lunch in a beach resort somewhere in Puerto Princessa
I'm actually trying to cover his face from getting sun burnt but for some reason, in this pic it looks like he was trying to poke something LOL
My stuntman

And so the story continues:

On our  Honeymoon before our Wedding, 5 months pregnant with Ethan - Long Beach Island, Phuket Thailand
On our  Honeymoon before our Wedding - Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand :D
Our stag-hen night do in the red light district of Bangkok
Our wedding in Bangkok, Thailand 8th October 2008
New Year's Day 2009 in Hassocks UK - 8 months pregnant with Ethan
The first time he held Ethan - Eastbourne General Hospital UK 5th February 2009
The first time he held Elijah - in the labour room Zulekha Hospital, Dubai 14 September  2010 :)
Ethan David Narciso King - 2 yrs old
Elijah Christopher King - 10 months
the monsters who keep us together...LOL

To Joe, I hope you read this once again. I was actually hoping we could read this together on our Anniversary but I guess that's quite impossible right now. Our story began marvellously – love at first sight, more or less, and I can still remember like it happened just yesterday. And I couldn’t have asked for any other way to meet you, and fall in love with you. I wonder how we found each other, or if we had anything to do with it at all. Was it a chance encounter or was it fate? (credits to myspace and facebook! LOL) Everything was indeed too good to be true but look at us now? 4 years together plus we've had two beautiful boys Ethan and Elijah in addition to our crazy lovestory.

I feel rather depressed right now whilst writing this, looking at our old gazzillion photos and I don't have much to say really (really?!)... other than I really miss the Joe who wrote that love letter/story, my tootsie who frequently asks how was my day going and calls me petal, pumpkin, moody face, babf, life ko, mahal ko and whatevs LOL! Who wants me to give him a call just so he could hear my voice, who tells me he loves me so much his heart's already bursting, so much  that most of the time he can't even find the words to describe just makes him smile...but then again, maybe it's just too good to be true! He said people do change, that marriage is not just all about flowers and chocolates, and no fairytales, boohoo! :( 

But even though there will be rough patches in the future, I know we’ll be alright. Our marriage has been a whirlwind of love. We can’t say that we're perfect, but all of the struggles, doubts, hopes, fears, failures and triumphs of our relationship made us where and what we are today. I know that I have to work at our relationship and keep growing with him and my goal in life is to love him more this year than I did last and keep reading this blog called Why I love My Husband-100 WAYS YOU CAN LOVE YOUR HUSBAND HIS WAY! to keep me going LOL kidding!

Like us, everyone has their own lovestory to write and to share, I wonder tho  if we could still continue writing the next part of our lovestory... This time next year? In five years? Ten years? Fifty years?

Happy 4th Anniversay...


  1. Happy anniv! Indeed a wonderful love story & my prayers are with you so that your LOVE will last a lifetime... -bendita

  2. @jhack Thank you Bendita! Happy happy Abby Day to you too and Jacky no. 2! love love love forever! xxx

  3. ang sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt!!!!

  4. @supermanster thank you Xander for dropping by ;)

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