Saturday, 12 March 2011

Weekend | 110311

In spite of a late night out, I was waken up early around 7am by my husband who for some reason decided to watch a movie inside our bedroom then played football on his PS3 while I was still sleeping. I was a bit annoyed because one of the 5 speakers he placed inside our room is literally right next to me on my side of the bed!

So I head out to our kid's bedroom to lay down beside my angels but I didn't want to disturb them and since my eldest, Calix has already gone out of his bed, I decided to lay down there instead and went back to sleep. But then again, after about maybe 30 minutes of sleep, I heard my husband saying "lazy bum!" at me, picked up my youngest baby Eli and brought him to me! I think redbull has definitely made my husband go insane, LOL!  And yesterday, he drank about 12 cans of redbull!

Anyway, I finally decided to get up and play with my kids. Then we went out to our garden so they can go swimming in their inflatable blow up mini pool. In the afternoon, we went to Sarah's birthday party and Calix got a spider man face paint. (I have his finished face paint at home and will just upload it later,sorry)
We got back home around 8pm and my husband asked me if I wanted to watch a movie in the cinema. When he checked the Battle: Los Angeles is already out, he immediately booked our seats online, got ready and then we left home and drove to Mirdif City Centre. The movie lasted for almost 2 hrs and my rating is 6 out of 10. I think I fell asleep in between specially because I was all snuggled up on the reclining arm chair with adjustable footrests hehe. And my food didn't turn up as well! I decided not to press the button which the movie goers can summon the staffs that serve food because there's no point anymore the movie is already half way!

But all in all, it was another great weekend well spent with my family!

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