Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fact - You

I'm writing this because Joe (my husband) and I's anniversary is coming up and we all love reminiscing the good old past everytime this certain date comes, remembering the very first moment you set your eyes to this total (hot) stranger and how it eventually ended up with that sweet feeling in the heart, and a heartwarming good love story (drama queen!). We actually celebrate two anniversy dates every year, one is the date when we officially become an "item" LOL and the second is our wedding anniversary which is of course when we got married :D

Last week, Joe finally read my blogs for the first time when his workmates sent him the link (thanks!) but he's not happy about me blogging specially about him and it's sad because... there's no stopping me baby! haha And my blog for today is.... 1 million facts about Joseph King. Just kidding! Actually I just found out one random fact today morning when we were on our way to work. You see every morning before we leave home, I make a coffee and we share and drink it while I drive us to work and I've noticed it long time back that he never drinks where I took a sip in the coffee cup. First I just thought that maybe I just happen to pass the cup in the other way and the part where I took a sip was not the one facing him therefore he will of course not drink where I drank. But this morning, he intentionally turned the cup around when he saw that he almost drank where I took a sip! Well, I didn't intentionally pass the cup and see if my silly suspicion is right but baby, we have already kissed and smooched and all and yeah we even kiss before you go down the car but why refuse to drink where I've taken sip in the coffee cup??? Weirdo! LOL I don't wanna sound like constantly whinging about my hubby like these group of wives in HERE LOL so I'd probably better stop now and perhaps just blog about the good, funny and sweet side of him instead? haha Watch this space! :p

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