Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What's Up... What's Up

Hey ho! So what's been happening in Doobers? I don't know but here's what happened to me last weekend. I got my car stuck in the sand due to my laziness of making a u-turn when I decided to take a short cut in a sandy area instead and there you go my  poor1.3L engine little car!

After trying to scoop out the sand where both my front wheels got stuck (for almost an hour) and just when I almost lost hope, these three very kind and generous supermen (1 just happened to throw some garbage near where I got stuck, 1 which I literally stopped in the main road, and the other was a passerby) helped me out! I can't thank them enough for rescuing me even though they had to deflate my tires :(

And last Thursday, my hubby bought me SIMS3 for PS3. And last night after 4 days of playing, my sim got pregnant and after 2 simoleon days she gave birth and guess what, to twin baby boys!

I guess even in video games, there is no hope for me having a baby girl, LOL!
But hey who would still want for any thing more than this?

I woke up one morning and was about to get ready for work when I saw my two boys sound asleep close to each other almost hugging. Bless them! Made me want to go back to sleep and lay down in between them.hehehe...

Can't he get any cuter? This little piggy grabbed some chips from my plate munched it then just spit it out!

And boy am I so glad that I finally had enough of changing my blog template and editing HTML codes for the past few days. Gah!

So that's all for now folks!

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